Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Welcome fourth graders!

Dear fourth graders,

I can't believe tomorrow will be September 1st! This summer seems to have zoomed past. 

It's always hard to say goodbye to summer, and I hope you've had a great one. However, I'm always eager to start a new school year. I can't wait to meet you all!

Didn't we have some amazing weather this summer? I spent lots of time outside with Mr. Parkin and our two daughters, Janey (3) and Marian (10 months). We enjoyed relaxing at my family's camp in Belgrade, going to the beach, spending a week on Mooselookmeguntic, and being together at home. 

I am so excited to meet everyone, and I hope you can all stop by during our teacher drop-in, from 9:30-10:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 1st. Come say hello, check out our classroom (room 302 in the yellow hallway), and drop off your school supplies if you have them. During the first week of school, please plan to bring a book you read and enjoyed this summer. (You won't need it on the first day, but I like to give a little heads-up in case you don't have your book at your house right now!)

While you're here at our class blog, The Parkin Spot, please explore a little! I've tried to include lots of information that might answer some questions you have about fourth grade. This page also gives you some information about the really cool stuff we do in fourth grade!

Please comment below and share what you're most looking forward to about fourth grade! You can do that by clicking where it says "no comments" (or 1 comment, 2 comments, etc.) at the bottom of this post. Type your response in the box (don't forget to include your name so we know who you are!), then select "comment as anonymous." Click on "publish" and you're done!

I look forward to getting to know you, and I'm so happy to be your fourth grade teacher!

Mrs. Parkin

Friday, May 13, 2016

Salmon Release Field Trip

Yesterday was an exciting day! We went on a field trip to New Gloucester to release 200 baby salmon (also known as fry) into a tributary of the Royal River. WGME was there to capture the moment and produced this clip, which aired on the 12 o'clock news! Enjoy!

Yarmouth fourth graders release salmon into the Royal River

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Field trip to Maine Maritime Museum

Today we went on a field trip to the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. We thought it was awesome because we saw a sculpture of the largest wooden boat made in America.

Here are some pictures Mrs. Parkin took:

Brooke dresses like a sailor in the 1800s.

Brooke doesn't look too happy about the new change!

Ayden is holding a caulking iron, used for sealing the cracks in wooden ships.

Ayden dressed like a sailor after a hard day's work on the ship.

Jillian and Ayden are in the bunk room. Their bedrolls are called "donkey's breakfast."

Mr. Jon shows us a capstan, used to haul up anchors.

Turning the capstan while singing a sea chanty.

Teamwork! (Still pulling...)

Lime juice-- the cure for scurvy!

Isabel says, "I'd rather have scurvy than drink lime juice!"

Ayden steering the tugboat.

Captain Lenny!

Matilda sending mayday signals.

Jillian and Isabel as lobsters.

Lobsters have ten legs! Anna, however, only has two.

A fine catch! (This part of the lobster trap is called the parlor.)
Here were our favorite parts of the trip:

  • I learned that you can make rope out of oakum (hemp fibers). - Lenny
  • I liked going to the different houses, especially the shed with all the different boats. - Benjamin
  • I liked the scavenger hunt in the museum. - Will
  • I liked the scavenger hunt. - Jillian
  • I liked everything but I liked the scavenger hunt the most. - Anna
  • I liked learning about how the sailors did scrimshaw to keep themselves occupied. - Myles
  • I liked going into the buildings outside, especially the lobster exhibit. - Brooke
  • I liked seeing how heavy a lobster trap actually was. - Sarah
  • I liked where the guys were making the wooden boats, and when they showed us the pictures of 7th and 8th graders who make boats there. - Frankie
  • I really liked the scavenger hunt the best. - James
  • I liked seeing the mill house where they made the ships. - Ayden
  • I liked getting to try pulling up the lobster trap. - Quincy
  • I liked seeing all the different boats and how they were built. - Matilda
  • I liked the scavenger hunt the best. - Emilia
  • I liked learning about the food that the sailors ate on the boat. - Gabrielle
  • I liked going outside and going in all the buildings. - Isabel
  • I liked going to the boat shed where they made all the boats, and they said the 8th graders made boats for a discovery class. - Ryan
  • I liked pulling on the capstan. - Brayden
Thanks to our chaperones for joining us! We had a great time!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Math Fact Practice

Many of you have had questions about how to support your child in solidifying his or her math facts, particularly multiplication facts.

Please click on the "Math Fact Practice" page (found in the sidebar to the left) for ideas and suggestions, as well as links to games and resources.

Thank you for supporting your child's daily math fact practice!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Welcome to Open House!

Welcome families!

You will need to go to the following website for the interactive portion of our evening:

Then enter Room 36101.

Monday, September 14, 2015

First week wrap up!

We have officially completed the first five days of fourth grade! This is an enthusiastic bunch, eager to jump right into the new responsibilities and privileges of fourth grade.

Last Friday, as part of our closing circle, I asked students what their favorite part of fourth grade was (so far). I started recording all of their responses, until it became clear that there was an overwhelming enthusiasm for one component of our classroom community-- Parkinville! Please ask your child to tell you more about our classroom economy, and their first job, which they received today! Our first payday will be this Friday.

Other highlights of the first week of school include:

  • getting to know one another and building our classroom community
  • thinking about our goals for the year 
  • learning the procedures and expectations for fourth grade
  • playing Drip, Drip, Drop in the extreme heat on the first day of school
  • beginning to write our class poem, "What Shall We Pack in the Box Marked Summer?"
  • kicking off our math curriculum with a group challenge
  • selecting books from the YES and classroom libraries and getting back into the routine of independent reading
Here is what is coming up this week:
  • band demonstration tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon
  • developing our classroom contract
  • beginning our Everyday Math curriculum
  • starting to share our "Me Bags"
  • more reading and writing!
  • our first day of earning and banking paychecks
  • our first auction
Please help to remind your student that they need to bring a few things back and forth between home and school every day:
  • red "Take Home" folder
  • blue homework sheet/reading log (keep in red folder)
  • book baggie with 1-2 books in it
Water bottles have also been helpful in this unseasonable heat.

As always, please reach out with any concerns or questions!